A comprehensive online stress management program to achieve calm, balance, and optimum performance.


Organizations or individuals with stress

4-5 hours total, best delivered over 6 weeks

14 Courses

Stress is a silent epidemic and the underlying cause of many people’s health and performance problems. Release is a unique online stress management training that helps people restore balance, improve well-being, and achieve optimal performance.

Trainicity has partnered with Dr. Michael Olpin, a world-renowned stress management expert, to develop this program. Dr. Olpin has taught Stress Management, Mind/Body Wellness and other wellness-oriented classes at several universities around the country for nearly 25 years.

Release is the foundation for effective stress management. It is a cutting-edge, research-based approach guaranteed to relieve stress in individuals, students, families, community organizations, companies, and corporations.

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Interactive Scenarios

Life-like scenarios apply the principles learned to real situations you will face after you leave the course.

Guided Relaxation

Guided relaxation exercises help users calm down in-the-moment. Flexible options allow you to participate whether at home or at an office desk.


Videos teach core stress-management concepts.


The Release Training Program includes 14 modules ranging from 20-45 minutes. These flexible purchasing options allow businesses and organizations to acquire the program and put the training on their internal learning management systems.

Pay Per Use


Per User

Course files are delivered to the business and uploaded to the business LMS. Monthly, the business will provide a completion report of the course to Trainicity. Businesses are only charged based on course completions.

Buy and Own


Max of 1000 Users

The scorm files for the course. The client may permanently keep the training, and will not receive updates.

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