Create a custom certificate for an Articulate Storyline Course

Max Henderson
August 6, 2021


This step-by-step guide walks you through building your own custom printable certificate for an Articulate Storyline course.  

Here is a high-level overview of the steps to create a printable certificate in Storyline.

Phase 1 - Storyline Steps:

  1. Build your certificate into a Storyline slide.
  2. Create a variable that will hold the users name along with a text entry box. Use a trigger to assign the value of the text entry box to the variable.
  3. Add a submit button along with an execute JavaScript trigger (We’ll dive into the specifics of the code below).

Phase 2 - Develop your printable certificate with HTML,CSS, & JavaScript:

  1. Create the actual certificate using html &CSS. (Feel free to copy our code or create your own).
  2. Add JavaScript to your HTML file to retrieve the variable from the Storyline course & calculate the current date. (Feel free to use our code below)

Phase 3 - Set up your course files:

  1. Adjust the file path in the execute JS trigger
  2. Adjust the Storyline player settings
  3. Publish the course
  4. Set up your course files and file paths

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