A bilingual course on workplace violence, and how to protect yourself


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30 Minutes

1 Module

Unfortunately, workplace violence is more common than many may think. This bi-lingual course teaches employees how to recognize the early warningsigns or violence, de-escalate potential situations to prevent them from ever happening,and respond appropriately to dangerous threats.

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Protection Focused

Content is focused primarily on protecting employees through early prevention and appropriate responses.

Scenario Based

Realistic scenarios prepare learners to respond to dangerous situations.


Course available in English and Spanish.

Course Overview

Unfortunately, workplace violence is more common than many may think. Increasingly, organizations need to prepare for the possibilities of facing workplace violence from domestic threats, clients, or even internally.The course provides many realistic scenarios to help learners reach these objectives:

  • Define workplace violence
  • Recognize warning signs of workplace violence
  • Respond appropriately to threats

This course also includes guidance on how to handle active shooter scenarios, in a sensitive but informative way.

Lesson Overview:

  • Lesson 1: What is Workplace Violence?
  • Lesson 2: The Behaviors and Warning Signs of Workplace Violence
  • Lesson 3: Responding to Workplace Violence

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Course files are delivered to the business and uploaded to the business LMS. Monthly, the business will provide a completion report of the course to Trainicity. Businesses are only charged based on course completions.

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The scorm files for the course. The client may permanently keep the training, and will not receive updates.

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