A bilingual course on HIPAA requirements for medical and non-medical employees


Organizations that handle private health information

30 minutes

1 module

Our HIPAA training is designed for flexibility and strong understanding. Available in both English and Spanish, all the content has been designed to be applicable to employees who work primarily in the medical industry, and those who don’t.

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Legally Compliant

Meets federal requirements to satisfy HIPAA training laws.


Content applies to employees who work in medical and non-medical roles that handle health information.


Course available in English and Spanish.

Course Overview

Whether you’re a hospital, law office, or even a shredding service that handles medical information, this course will be applicable to satisfy training law requirements for your employees. The course provides many realistic scenarios to help learners reach these objectives:

  • Describe PHI, EPHI, Privacy, Security, and the Breach Notification Rules in HIPAA law
  • Comply with HIPAA requirements
  • Respond appropriately if a breach occurs


Lesson Overview:

  • Lesson 1: Understanding HIPAA Law and Rules
  • Lesson 2: Staying HIPAA Compliant
  • Lesson 3: HIPAA Violations and Breaches

Pricing table

These flexible purchasing options allow businesses and organizations to acquire the program and put the training on their internal learning management systems.

Pay Per Use


Per User

Course files are delivered to the business and uploaded to the business LMS. Monthly, the business will provide a completion report of the course to Trainicity. Businesses are only charged based on course completions.

Buy and Own


Max of 1000 Users

The scorm files for the course. The client may permanently keep the training, and will not receive updates.

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